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Myogenetix® created Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer in response to the cry for a superior quality protein gainer at the best price possible. Instead of sugars, fats and low quality proteins, Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer predominantly contains complex carbohydrates and a mixture of the best proteins on the market.


Fast digestion and increased blood flow to the muscles are very much important to increase the overall mass of the body. Mass gainers are one of the important elements to add on to the diet to gain weight naturally and healthily. These supplements help in the fast digestion of food to get into the muscle quickly to help them gain better mass and strength. These supplements rich in protein increase the overall blood flow to take the necessary supplements to all of the muscles.


There is no doubt that the supreme aim of mass gainer is to build body mass. Hence, all of the important benefits of taking mass gainers are related to the supreme goal. They include high-calorie intake, low in sugar and trans fats, rich in protein and carbs, boost energy after workouts, promote muscle development and recovery, enriched with fibre, rich in essential nutrients, and more.





It mixes instantly with a spoon, tastes great and features a simple but powerful formula, maximised for promoting muscle growth and recovery. Recognising that protein is imperative for not only basic health, but also for any kind of muscle repair, recovery or growth, Myogenetix® formulated Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer with a blend of different proteins to ensure maximum gains in the shortest time possible.

Whey protein is a fast-metabolised protein considered to be the gold standard for supporting the body’s anabolic and immune processes. On the other hand, micellar casein is a slow-metabolised protein that enhances satiety and delivers a steady stream of amino acids to vital muscle tissue. Unlike other weight gainers that rely heavily on fats to increase caloric density, Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer contains the least amount of fat possible.

Staying away from simple sugars, Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer utilises only long-chain carbohydrates derived from nutritious starches. These complex carbohydrates supply the foundational calories that a person requires for increased lean body mass and whole body recovery.

As with all Myogenetix® products, Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer includes scrumptious flavours with a velvety smooth texture designed to make a protein gainer pleasurable to drink and all flavour variants feature a delicious, creamy taste and dissolve instantly whether mixing with a spoon or shaker cup. With Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer, you will enjoy each and every sip without the usual clumps that plague other gainers in the industry.

Myogenetix® has engineered a product that causes other gainers to tremble in the shadows, while making you bigger, stronger and bulkier!


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